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Olive Oil Tasting at Figone Olive Oil Company

It being Olive Festival season in Sonoma, it is long past time to head out and taste some of the 2011-2012 harvest. On this trip, my destination is the Figone's Olive Oil Company in Kenwood, Sonoma, run by olive producer Frank Figone.
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Caveat Emptor - Olive Oil

Caveat Emptor. We usually associated this phrase (Latin for "buyer beware") with the purchase of big ticket items, like cars or real estate, not so much with something as seemingly simple as a bottle of olive oil. As consumers, we are at the mercy of the labeling of our food, and rely on label information to make informed choices. Unfortunately, we think we are purchasing healthy or pure foods, when in fact we are not. Among the well-known examples of adulterations to such food items as salt, honey, vanilla, and cognac, we can now add olive oil.
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What's new in the olive world

Having just spent a fantastic weekend in Paso Robles, California, attending the UC Davis Advanced Sensory Evaluation class on Friday (August 19), followed by the ever-growing Paso Robles Olive Festival on Saturday (August 20), our team at Roving Olive returned to our offices full of new information and ideas that we want to share with you!
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Two Cough Olive Oil: A Sonoma, California Tasting

When people think of a trip to Sonoma, California - the often over-looked cousin of Napa Valley - they usually think wine. However , this excursion wasn't your run of the mill wine trip, it was different. Today, we were going olive oil tasting. Our first stop was DaVero, primarily selected for its olive oil tasting, with some Italian wines as an added bonus (because you cannot go to Sonoma without having wine). Located in the Dry Creek region of Sonoma Valley, situated off a slight bend in the "highway", had we not known to look for it we would have driven right past it - in fact we did.
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