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Record Breaking Year

California olive oil to have record breaking year
Valley olive orchards helped contribute to what is expected to be a record year for olive oil producers. Consumers are discovering California grown olives produce a much better tasting oil. The California Farm Bureau says growers this year could produce a record two million gallons of olive oil.
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Lower Mortality

Olive oil lowers mortality by a quarter and heart disease by nearly one-half
Followers of the popular Mediterranean diet have known for years that eating fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and plenty of extra virgin olive oil is beneficial to health. They may not realize that many of the benefits come from the monounsaturated fats provided by the liberal use of fresh-pressed olive oil.
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huiles d'olives

California's Olive Oils Challenge Europe's
American food lovers have long taken for granted that only olive oils from the Mediterranean are worth buying — preferably with an olive tree, an Italian flag and some words like "authentic cold pressed" on the bottle.
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Please Pay

U.S. aid to Morocco worries California olive farmers
The biggest threat to California's historic olive industry isn't the bad weather, disease, prohibitive harvesting costs and fierce competition already taking their toll, growers say: It's the federal government.  Read More »

Discussions & Opinions

Announcing Olive Oil Tasting Graphs
Ever wondered if the olive oil you're tasting is considered fruity, bitter, or herbaceous? Wonder no more - The Olive Oil Press has released a series of tasting graphs by olive varietal, compiled by olive oil taste experts. We use the tasting graphs as a guide in helping us with taste evaluations of different olive oils. Get the whole scoop on the tasting graphs.

Good Polyphenol Bad Polyphenol
A look at what happens to the olive leftovers after olives are crushed (some good, some bad.) Read the whole discussion ».

Olive Tweets in General

Tasting at Figone Olive Oil Company
In time for the Sonoma Valley Olive Oil Festival, it was time to go olive oil tasting, and no better place to start than at Figoni Olive Oil Company in Kenwood, Sonoma. More »

Caveat Emptor - Olive Oil
Buyer beware when purchasing olive oil. Are you getting the real thing as promised on the label, or some doctored up and adulterated product? Problems on mislabeling and a few ideas on how to protect yourself. More »

What's new in the olive world
Having just spent a fantastic weekend in Paso Robles, California, attending the UC Davis Advanced Sensory Evaluation class on Friday (August 19), followed by the ever-growing Paso Robles Olive Festival on Saturday (August 20), our team at Roving Olive returned to our offices full of new information and ideas that we want to share. More »

Two Cough Olive Oil: A Sonoma, California Tasting
When people think of a trip to Sonoma, California - the often over-looked cousin of Napa Valley - they usually think wine. However , this excursion wasn't your run of the mill wine trip, it was different. Today, we were going olive oil tasting. More »

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